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Microsoft is rolling out a taskbar update to Windows 11, and no, it doesn’t bring back the ability to move the taskbar to another edge of the screen. Instead, this update adds live animations to … more
It feels like yesterday when the first public PaaS (platform as a Service) named Zimki was launched at EuroOSCON in March 2006. Fontango launched the beta version after finishing its development … more
Netflix’s upcoming ad-supported tier could have a big drawback — besides the fact that your programming will be interrupted by commercials, that is. One of the streaming service’s more useful … more
Bill Murray said it in 1978 and we’re still saying it today: “Star Wars! Nothing but Star Wars! Give me those Star Wars! Don’t let them end...” Star Wars is everywhere these days, with … more
Looking to book a large house on a weekend? You'll have to jump through a few hoops Pleased with the "success" of a pilot program in Australia, Airbnb is bringing its "anti-party technology" to … more
When a wildfire, flood, or storm strikes a community, the damage is far-reaching: Homes and infrastructure may be destroyed, people are forced to evacuate, and pets are sometimes lost or left … more
Events of the past year have focused the security community on a shifting environment in which tech vulnerabilities are playing a role in warfare, DevOps and global finance. Examples of this new … more
Tom Warren / The Verge: Microsoft is rolling out widget notifications on the Windows 11 taskbar, with live updates from widgets such as weather, finance, sports, and breaking news  —  The … more
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Meta Platforms Inc. today revealed its plans for the upcoming U.S. midterm elections, telling everyone not to worry because it has a team of hundreds of folks working hard to ensure nothing … more
Reddit, the centralized online forum, has been coasting along well-traveled roads for a long time. The jalopy’s been maintained well, but it’s never been given a true fresh coat of paint. … more
Sajith Wickramasekara co-founded Benchling to improve laboratory data collection and collaboration. Since its 2012 founding, the company has grown to a valuation of $6.1 billion. Wickramasekara will … more
Jordan Novet / CNBC: Cisco beats estimates with Q4 revenue flat YoY at $13.1B, vs. $12.8B est., and a fiscal year 2023 guidance of 4% to 6% revenue growth YoY, vs. 2.3% est.  —  - Cisco … more
South Korean company Naver Z is the brain behind the popular 3D-avatar app Zepeto. Today, the company announced it made a strategic investment in the Danish animation and motion capture company … more
On August 9, the lights came up on a new era of cloud computing. The location was theCUBE’s Palo Alto studios, and the occasion was the Supercloud 22 event, where theCUBE industry analysts John … more
Nick Barclay / The VergeIf you thought ad-supported Netflix would just be the regular service with some commercial breaks, then I regret to inform you you were wrong. According to language in the … more
The wait could be over sooner than you think. more
Paul Barton has finally taken the plunge and introduced a cost-no-object speaker. The $11,999 PSB Synchrony T800 is quite something. more
Anime has been influencing Western art since its inception—and although anime music videos are swiftly disappearing, music videos inspired by anime are not. In between nostalgia, streaming, and … more
We tested a few popular water filter pitchers. One model blew the competition completely away. Here are the best water filter pitchers. more
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